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Australia Skilled Occupation List

The Australia Skilled Occupation List is a list of occupations that highlights the highly in-demand occupations across the various regions and states of Australia. It is used as a part of a system based on points for Australia immigration. Skilled workers who are interested to reside and work in Australia are required to make a choice of or nominate a specific occupation. This occupation must align with the experience and skills of the candidate from the CSOL - Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List. 

If you wish to apply for Australia PR Visa through General Skilled Immigration and are not having a nomination from any Territory or State in Australia, then you have to select an occupation from the SOL. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia updates the SOL as per the dynamic demands of the labor market in the nation on yearly basis. The purpose of updating is to ensure that the arrival of skilled migrants is based purely on the latest needs of the workforce and economy in Australia

What is in the Skilled Occupation List? 

Australia SOL consists of occupations that are highly demanded by employers in Australia. It has been designed for those qualified and skilled workers who are seeking long-term and short-term skilled jobs in Australia. The list is a blend of occupations mentioned in the STSOL and MLTSSL. 

The Australia Skilled Occupation List is the list of currently eligible occupations for various Australia Visa types. Individuals who are qualified for working or training in an eligible skilled occupation in Australia and can fulfill other specified requirements can obtain these Visas. 
The SOL is a combination of all skilled eligible occupations in Australia which includes the following: 

  • ANZSCO - Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations Code for every occupation. It offers details regarding the skill level of the jobs, credentials, and/or experience required for working in the occupations.
  • Specifies if the occupation is present on the MLTSSL - Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, STSOL - Short-term Skilled Occupation List, ROL - Regional Occupation List, or RSMS ROL - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Regional Occupation List.
  • The assessment authority for skills evaluation.
  • Conditions which exclude the usage of occupation in specific circumstances, applicable only for TSS and ENS Visa. 

MLTSSL - Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List: You must nominate an occupation from this list to become eligible for skilled immigration 
STSOL - Short term Skilled Occupation List: If you wish to apply for a nomination from a Territory or State in Australia, your occupation must be present on this list 
RSMS ROL - It is a list of separate occupations that is applicable only for RSMS Visa.

The following Australia Visas are available for candidates who are qualified to train or work in an eligible skilled occupation in Australia and can fulfill all other criteria: 
  • ENS - Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa
  • RSMS - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 Visa
  • Points-tested stream: Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa
  • Training Subclass 407 Visa
  • TSS - Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Visa
  • Provisional Graduate Subclass 485 Work Visa
  • Provisional Skilled Regional Subclass 489 Visa
  • Provisional Skilled Regional Work Subclass 491 Visa
  • Provisional Employer-Sponsored Skilled Regional Subclass 494 Visa 

In general, to qualify for the above Australia Visas, you must: 
  • Be more than 18 years and below 45 years of age (excludes Provisional Graduate Subclass 485 Work Visa that permits applicants below 50 years to apply).
  • Receive an invitation to apply.
  • Score the required points.
  • Fulfill the skill/study requirements.
  • Have work experience in the skilled occupation.
  • Be proficient in English at a competent level.
  • Fulfill the character requirements.
  • Fulfill the health requirements. 

Why do you need to know about Occupation Lists?

Aspiring skilled immigration candidates to Australia must be aware of the Occupation Lists as: 
  • The occupational lists consist of the high-demand occupations in the nation.
  • The Government of Australia in collaboration with the regional labor markets identifies the needs of the employers and announces the lists accordingly.
  • The occupation of the skilled workers seeking to immigrate to Australia through the skilled worker stream must be present in these lists.
  • The experience and education of the applicants must apply to the occupations in the lists.
  • For being considered, the applicants can at least select an occupation most closer to their earlier work profile as this enhances the chances of successful immigration.
  • The occupation lists are regularly updated for the skills by the authorities in Australia.
  • In recent times, the new norms and occupational lists for immigration have been announced.
  • The immigration regulations have been further streamlined by the authorities in Australia.
  • Australia formulates immigration policies based on the demand for skilled workers in the industries and the availability of native workers.
  • The immigration regulations are devised with the clear objective of the betterment of the economy of Australia. 

What is the importance of the Australia Skilled Occupation List?

SOL or Skilled Occupation List is highly important for all skilled immigration category candidates to Australia. All the aspiring applicants under the General Skilled Immigration Visa must nominate and choose an occupation from the suitable SOL of Australia. 

If you wish to qualify for an Australia PR Visa, then you are required to choose and nominate an appropriate occupation present on the SOL. There are diverse sub-categories of Visas under the Australia PR Visa through which you can immigrate to the nation. 

You must ensure to choose the right occupation that perfectly matches your verifiable work experience and skills set after carefully examining the SOL. Selecting the right occupation will have a major impact on the success of your Australia PR Visa application. 

What happens if my Occupation is removed from the Australia SOL?

If you have submitted your Australia Visa application and awaiting the nomination, you need not worry if you do not find your chosen occupation on the Australia Skilled Occupation List. The removal of your occupation from the SOL will not have an impact on your application processing. 

The same holds good in circumstances wherein you have a perfect hold of the Australia Skilled Immigration Visa. The exceptions are cases when you need changes in your application that necessitate submission of a fresh Visa application. 

The removal of your occupation from the SOL will also affect your application if you wish to change employers. 

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