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Dependant Visa

Spouse Visa is popularly also known as Dependant Visa wherein an individual can join his partner or principal sponsor on the basis of his or her relation with the sponsor overseas in any part of the world. The sponsor should be a staying in the country for a specified period of time.

An individual gets the right to invite his dependents and relatives to stay in the country on the basis of his stay. People on permanent residency permit are allowed to escort their dependents with them to the host country. This is a condition with a legal consent. A Dependent Visa or a Spouse Visa is simple to obtain on the genuine intent and accurate documentation.

A spouse can accompany the sponsor to the place of his residence. Dependents may or may not be permitted to work. Limitations are imposed on an individual depending upon the relationship with the principal or host and the prevalent laws and legislations of the host country. It also depends on the category of visa applied for.

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