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Resume Writing

Anavrin Adviser is one of India’s leading and most trusted organizations that always believe in client satisfaction with its several services. Resume writing is one of our special services provide to our customers looking for a job or job change overseas. Resumes are played the most important role to create a positive impression on the employer. In the case of overseas jobs, employers will judge candidates as per their resume format. We also assist our clients in terms of resume writing because we understand that for job seekers, a good and bad resume is what stands between their dream jobs. If you have a right and good resume you’ll be getting replies from every company you will apply.

What is a resume?

A resume is a short document used to summarize job seeker carrier objectives, qualifications, and experience for the employer. Resume also inform the employer about job seeker contact details, address, and skills.

Your resume plays a very important and critical part of modern job applications. It is very important to write the best resume in an online job posting to get employer attention to your application. Well organized resume will increase your chance of landing an interview whereas a poorly written resume could decrease the chance of your application.

Is my resume and CV are same?

Most of us thought that resume and CV are the same whereas they are not the same. The resume is containing a short description of your educational and professional abilities while CV contains a thorough listing of your educational, academic, and professional experiences.

CV stands for curriculum vitae. It is an encyclopedia version of your education, certification, specialization, achievements, family background, and work experience. CV can be of 3 and 4 pages. To get standardized positions in which deep expertise is required such as academic, medical, etc. CV is important.

Resumes are commonly used across most industries. It is relatively short then CV because in resumes every detail and description of the experience is not required to update. In a resume to save space, only relevant working experience is needed to mention. 

How to write a resume?

Before start working on a resume we always decide how to build it. There are some factors we always take care before creating a new resume:-

  1. Pick a resume format as per the experience and niche of job looking by the job seeker.
  2. Always include contact information, work experience, and education.
  3. Use of traditional headlines for maximum compatibility.
  4. We will put relevant skills that fit the job ad.
  5. Place impactful accomplishment.
  6. Create a cover letter for your resume.
  7. Include an additional important resume section.
  8. Highlight the key achievements.
  9. Save resume in DOCX file or PDF Format.
  10. Create an impressive objective statement.

We have different ways to format your resume. We and our experts will assist you to choose the right format which makes your resume attractive and presentable. Our resume writing team is having more than 5yrs of working experience as resume writing and assists several deserving candidates to get selected for overseas jobs. To get your dream job right format resume and content is compulsory.

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